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In Mother Goose on the Loose’s Online Planning Center, the newest digital technologies meet a timeless educational and cultural transmission technique: the nursery rhyme.

This proven early childhood literacy program relies on findings in modern scientific research and a continually evolving database of selected, age-appropriate rhymes, developmental tips, and books.

The traditional structure of a Mother Goose on the loose program uses the principles of 80% repetition, 10 recurring sections, 2 developmental tips per session, and built in opportunities to give positive reinforcement.

The beauty of the Online Planning Center is that it enables users to build programs that follow the structure format and theory of Mother Goose on the Loose without having to worry about the details.

Behind the scenes, formulas and structures are already in place to ensure that every script generated adheres to the MGOL quality, consistency and reliability standards.



Mother Goose on the Loose was created by Dr. Betsy Diamant-Cohen. In the early 1980s, she worked as a children's librarian in New Jersey and ran a variety of programs for children from birth to age three.

These often included the recitation of nursery rhymes with accompanying flannel board characters as well as knee bounces and foot-patting games.

After studying with Barbara Cass-Beggs in Israel in the late 1980s, Betsy restructured the program to incorporate the "Listen, Like, Learn" approach. She added many songs written or adapted by Cass-Beggs and redesigned the program to follow the format of a Cass-Beggs "Your Baby Needs Music" class. The result was Mother Goose on the Loose.

For more information about Mother Goose on the Loose, Dr. Betsy, and what makes MGOL unique visit www.mgol.net/about.


What is Mother Goose on the Loose?

Mother Goose on the Loose is an early literacy program that uses rhymes and songs to help prereading chidren get ready for reading. It incorporates music, movement, ritual, repetition, positive reinforcement, developmental tips, nursery rhymes, illustrations, puppets, musical instruments, colored scarves, and book reading into a fun-filled thirty minute session for children with their parent or caregiver. It can be used as an infant/toddler program in a public library, as a circle time in a preschool, or as an afterschool activity for a kindergarten class.

Although the typical Mother Goose on the Loose session is geared for children from 3 months to 2 years old, children as young as one week old and children as old as eight have participated joyfully in the sessions.

Mother Goose on the Loose programs are easily adaptable; there is Mother Goose on the Loose en Espanol & Savta Goose for Hebrew speakers. There is also an inclusive version for children with special needs.

Mother Goose on the Loose is a research-based program that is easy to learn, easy to plan, fun for everyone and rich with school-readiness activities. It is built around activities that help children develop their brains by learning a whole set of skills while having fun in a safe environment.