How To Use the OPC After Registering

Viewing, Browsing and Submitting to the Databases

After logging into the OPC, a greeting page will offer you the option to create your first MGOL program, browse the databases, update your profile, submit new rhymes/books/developmental tips, and view your contributions. These options can be accessed by clicking on the buttons in the top right hand corner of the web page OR by hovering over the control panel on the leftmost part of the screen.

The OPC was meant to help users easily and comfortably browse the database. Currently, you can navigate by looking through a list of 20 rhymes per page or by searching for a particular rhyme by typing its name into the search box (if you know which rhyme you are looking for). The rhyme/developmental tip/book submission process should be similarly intuitive; if you find yourself not understanding something or encountering errors, please let us know.

The Mother Goose on the Loose Wizard

We have saved the best for last… our friendly storytime creation wizard is another exciting feature we can’t wait for you to use.

After first logging in, you should see a giant button that says “Plan Your First Program.” Clicking there will take you to our wizard which will help you will use our databases to plan the first session in a new program. You can also always access this wizard by clicking the create button at the top right hand corner of the screen or by hovering over the grey wizard’s hat icon in the control panel on the left.

There will be an explanatory text explaining the structure and format of Mother Goose on the Loose, but this text is not yet displayed on the website. The text has been pasted below since as beta testers, it is important to us that you understand the MGOL program and how the wizard uses it. It will also provide a quick refresher for the structure of a MGOL program.

Each Mother Goose on the Loose Program is composed of multiple (usually weekly) sessions. Every session is designed to be part repetition, and part brand new. The OPC will enable you to choose rhymes and activities from the Mother Goose on the Loose database to use in your sessions. Each session contains ten sections:

  1. Welcoming Remarks (repeats exactly)
  2. Rhymes and Reads
  3. Body Rhymes
  4. Rum Pum Pum Drum Sequence (repeats exactly)
  5. Stand-up Activity
  6. Animals! (repeats with occasional variations)
  7. Musical Instruments and Scarves
  8. Lullaby
  9. Interactive Rhymes
  10. Closing Sequence (repeats exactly)

Three of the sections contain specific rhymes and activities that are predetermined and will always repeat exactly from session to session. These are the Welcoming Remarks, the Rum Pum Pum Drum Sequence, and the Closing Sequence. The Animal section does has room for variation, but this happens in later sessions.

This online planning center will help you create your own recurring Mother Goose on the Loose program. Once you have named your program, you will be able to create your first session. Rhyme options will be presented to you in an easily understandable section-by-section manner. You may decide not to change the suggested starting session rhymes. If you do wish to replace the displayed rhyme, the wizard illustration will help you choose a new rhyme from our extensive database or explain how to add your own.

If you would like to know more about a rhyme (the lyrics, suggested activities to go along with it, books with good illustrations, what a related flannel board character might look like) or to select a new rhyme, click directly on the box where the title is displayed. This will cause a new window to appear offering you the option to select a new rhyme to use (by clicking the “Add Rhyme” button), and to view more detailed information about rhymes (by clicking the “Preview Rhyme” button). This will display the rhyme’s information in a way that lets you review all of the information currently in our database. If you can’t find the rhyme that you want to use you can always add it yourself (for now we recommend opening a new tab and adding the rhyme in that way so you don’t lose any information you have already entered.)

As you select your rhymes, you will have a chance to add up to two development tips throughout each session. These tips are a great way to give parents helpful information and guidance about their children in an informal, non-judgmental manner. Once you have finished customizing your first session, you will be able to view a summary of it. This summary will be viewable/printable in two different formats either as an outline containing only titles, or as a detailed script containing all of the lyrics and directions.

After creating the first session of your new program you will now have the option of creating a second session. This will be a new version based on your first session with some changes that you decide. This option implements the MGOL “secret formula”: 80% repetition. After selecting the option to create any new session, the wizard will copy your most recent session to use as a foundation. The wizard will allow you to change 20% of the material to create your new session. The wizard will inform you if you have reached the threshold. This will keep you from overwhelming the children with new material and reinforces 80% of the rhymes introduced in your last session.

Everything else should work the same way. In addition, only two developmental tips can be added or changed per session.


Please keep in mind that Beta products are not perfect. Since this OPC is still in the testing and product development phase, we expect you to encounter some bugs, questions, and other problems. We a special “bug box” for submitting reports of any problems you encounter while using the OPC; those reports will go directly to our web developer. The bug box is located at the top left of the OPC. Simply click on the buttoon titled "Report a bug!" to access it.

We will be updating the website periodically and will try to keep you informed of the changes and updates as best we can.

If you have any additional feedback/questions/comments please feel free to email Alon at or call him @ 410-999-7183. We look forward to hearing from you!